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Tips For Getting a Better Personal Injury Settlement

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Tips For Getting a Better Personal Injury Settlement

Personal Injury Settlement

When an injury occurs, you will end up with parties who will try to give you the lowest possible settlement. Obviously, this isn’t the best solution- you need fair compensation for all you have been through. Your personal injury costs a lot of money, so employers will try to save as much money as possible. The King Firm’s Personal injury lawyers will assist you in getting so much more.

Write down a settlement you will want

If you write down the amount of money you are satisfied with, you will be able to get it more easily. When the figures start moving up and down, it is a nice thing knowing that your amount is kept safely in your head. Without this, chances are higher that you will end up with a lower settlement.

Never accept the initial offer

All initial offers are developed so adjusters can see how much you do actually know regarding your injury. As such, the first one will be as low as possible. Your goal is to get the highest, not the lowest. Keep in mind that you will have to demand a higher settlement almost every time.

Demand the explanation for the lowest offer

The adjuster will give you the lowest possible offer, but he won’t even bother to explain it. You will have to remind him that he should. You will see that they don’t actually have valid statements regarding the proposal. The King Firm can help you advocate for the explanations you deserve. It has a huge effect on the overall success of the injury settlement.

Include the emotional issues you had to withstand

Now is the time to start working on getting a higher personal injury statement. Always point out the emotional stress you suffered and make sure to include additional issues the accident caused. For example, if you are a parent or you take care of someone, make sure to point out they had a hard time as well. Even the smallest things are important and should be mentioned.

Do not reduce the settlement

Some of you will want to make a settlement as soon as possible, so you will accept a lower offer. Personal injury lawyers will advise you against that as well. When an adjuster gives you an offer, you should consider increasing it. This is the art of bargain and it should be taken into account here.


Adjusters work on the side of insurance companies, which are entirely focused on profit. As these adjusters don’t care for you, their only goal is to give you the lowest settlement possible. On the other hand, lawyers, such as those at The King Firm, are on your side, so go ahead and Ring the King today!





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