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The King Firm has experienced lawyers in the areas of personal injury, accidents, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse. Call the King Firm’s accident and malpractice lawyers at 877-909-5464 we're ready to assist you in the following areas of practice:

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The King Firm personal injury attorneys have many years of experience and have represented thousands of injury victims, including wrongful death victims. We have helped injured clients recover from truck and car accidents, offshore accidents, product liability cases, and more. We are located in New Orleans, LA with additional offices in Dallas, TX and Memphis, TN.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients’ well-being. We take pride in getting to know your unique circumstances so that we can tailor our strategies for the best possible outcome. If you need a dedicated and experienced law firm for your personal injury case, reach out to The King Firm. Ring the King at 877-909-5464 Let us be your advocates, guiding you towards the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Our attorneys are here to assist you with your injury case! Maybe you are unsure of which law firm to go with, be assured that The King Firm has a selection of the best personal injury lawyers. Most noteworthy, our experienced attorneys have won millions of dollars in damage settlements. In conclusion, if you have been wronged or injured, you are entitled to the settlement you deserve, feel free to browse our lineup of professional personal injury attorneys or call an attorney now at 877-909-5464.

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Seeking justice and rightful compensation after an accident? The King Firm, your trusted advocates for personal injury claims, stand ready to champion your cause. With years of experience, we've aided countless victims, including wrongful death cases, across the nation. Our unwavering dedication to understanding your unique situation ensures tailored strategies for the best outcome. Let us be your unwavering support, guiding you towards the justice and compensation you deserve.


Top Liabilities at Bars

We Are Committed to Keeping Bar Owners and Patrons Safe At The King Firm, we are committed to educating the public about the risks of activities and their rights to compensation when injuries occur. It is important for bar owners to understand all of the risks they are undertaking, and patrons should be aware of […]

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