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Understanding Tort Law

Caution in Tort Law

Here at the King Firm, we know that justice often means assistance for the unexpected. Some accidents just can’t be anticipated, such as a criminal breaking into your workplace. However, are situations like that really accidents? If you had a form of security, did it do everything it should have to prevent the break in? Was there a guard that should have been active? Sometimes things can’t be fixed or anticipated, but that doesn’t mean that consequences are null and void. Here is a description of the nature of Tort Law and how we handle it at the King Firm. What is a Tort...

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Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse is a form of patient abuse. Abuse is the intended infliction of harm onto another person, whether it is through physical, psychological or emotional means. Nursing home abuse is an unfortunate reality that absolutely needs the proper legal care in order to seek assistance, safety and justice for your elderly loved ones. How are the patients abused? Most of the time the elderly patients can be abused through faulty management or even hurtful staff members. Both cases can result from either intended harm or wrongful neglect by the staff or company. The faulty management can be through means such as improper...

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