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The Special Nuances of Worker’s Compensation

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The Special Nuances of Worker’s Compensation

Construction workers on a site. Representing Worker’s Compensation

Many companies or financial parties go into personal injury cases believing that all the injured party wants is just money for their recovery. But compensation is far more than just paying for hospital bills. It goes into how one moves on from the personal injury to regain their life. Here are a few details about Worker’s Compensation that will hopefully bring to light what several of our clients need.

Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment is probably the most obvious of needs for each personal injury. For the King Firm, money for the worker’s medical care is a high priority. Some insurance companies give the needed amount of medical bills, while others leave the person out to dry. These particular companies often find reasons to avoid providing the funds through various technicalities. Often times, these are merely tricks to get out of providing proper worker’s compensation. We often call this the “Game of Claims” at the King Firm.

Vocational Rehabilitation

One cannot simply receive money for living expenses and then be done with compensation. They also need compensation for their actual recovery. Depending on the severity of the personal injury, the client in question will require proper vocational rehabilitation. This is generally meant to help them recover their skills, or develop new ones so that they can return to a better line of work. Usually, this rehabilitation program includes both physical and mental job training in order to help them get back on track.

Wage Replacement Benefits

Replacement benefits are when a worker gets paid while they are still recovering. It begins and ends during a fixed period of time. The conditions usually vary by each state and company. Sometimes the paid replacement is two-thirds of what the worker normally makes but is tax-free. Specific conditions are negotiable.

No matter what the needed benefits are, they should never be less than what the worker actually deserves. Whether you need a certain number of days off to rest or a fuller amount of benefits, the King Firm’s Personal Injury Lawyers will be here to make sure you get your worker’s compensation in spades.


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