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Red Flags of Bad Personal Injury Insurance Companies

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Red Flags of Bad Personal Injury Insurance Companies

Red Flags of Bad Personal Injury

Many insurance companies work to serve your needs whenever you become a victim of personal injury. However, not all insurance companies are out for your benefit. Some companies, unfortunately, try to use your case to swindle you out of money that you deserve. The King Firm’s personal injury lawyers have found some of the tricks that insurance companies and their adjusters try to pull on you while you try to file a claim. But before any company tries to play the game of claims, you can be well equipped to spot their tricks beforehand. God forbid any kind of personal injury, but in case anything was to happen, it is better to know the right red flags to look out for, because they could strike right after the accident occurs. Here are just a few of those red flags that indicate that your insurance company is trying to keep you from insurance funds.

Delaying moving forward on your claim

This is often a subtle move of procrastination that bad insurance companies use. They may simply try to get you to wait long enough until you settle for a low settlement, or until the statute of limitations expire. They will often give small signs that they are working hard for you and that it merely takes a very long process in order to pay your claim.

Trying to get you to give them a statement

The insurer may want to take a recorded statement from you. It is often a good idea to speak to a lawyer before doing so. It is just a wiser action so that you are aware of everything you are signing for.

Criticizing your injuries

Ultimately the insurance companies use special tactics in order to get off free of having to pay you. Adjusters will often call into question the severity of your injury needs. This might include trying to get you to imply that you were somewhat at fault for your injury. They will find any kind of excuse to get out of actually paying for your claim.

Protection by Personal Injury Lawyers in New Orleans

But you won’t have to fear any of that. Not only do you know these red flags, there will be more that we can protect you from when you have our personal injury lawyers in New Orleans by your side. For more information on other red flags, or if you are already in need of a personal injury lawyer, then please feel free to Ring the King today.

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