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The Personal Injury Lawsuit Process, Explained

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The Personal Injury Lawsuit Process, Explained

The Personal Injury Lawsuit Process, Explained

Injury is an inevitable part of life. Of course, not every injury gives rise to a legal claim- some injuries are attributable to age, genetics, or an accident that was unavoidable (and no one’s fault). You have legal grounds to sue when it seems that another person or business or some type of entity is responsible for your injury and suffering. Read on to learn more about when you might have a civil case, and what you’ll need to prove.

A legal claim can be made through a lawsuit or simply through insurance, keep in mind that this occurs only when someone else is legally responsible for causing the accident or creating the circumstances that led to the injury. If you have been injured, you know that the injury claim serves a large purpose. This is, allowing the injuring person to get the compensation they deserve for their injury and all that their injury caused- lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress and more. If you want to recover the compensation you deserve, look no further than the King Firm.

Once you have decided you have grounds to make a legal claim and have explored the venues through which you can make one, it’s usually time to contact a lawyer, such as the experienced ones at The King Firm.

Except in the simplest of cases, where you feel no one is directly at fault and the injuries aren’t too bad and you just plan on dealing with everything by yourself, you might consider talking to a lawyer at a personal injury firm. Remember, talking with an attorney isn’t the same as hiring an attorney. Most personal injury lawyers will be happy to provide an initial free consultation where they discuss the merits of your case with you, and outline your legal options, but to get the best service possible, it’s best to work with a lawyer on a long-term basis.

Once you begin to work with a lawyer, the filing of the claim can begin. Settling a personal injury claim can be time consuming, and if you fail to file your claim in a timely manner, you may be completely out of luck in collecting any sort of compensation. There are laws on the books called “statutes of limitations” that give the maximum time you have to bring certain types of lawsuits. If this time period passes you up, you may be barred from ever bringing suit to recover for your injuries. It is important that you know what the statute of limitations is in the specific state that you live in, so you don’t miss the time in which you can file. Depending upon your type of case and the state you live in, this time period usually ranges between 30 days and one year. This is all very important because if you miss these deadlines, you will not be able to recover the compensation you deserve.

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