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New Orleans Hurricane Insurance

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New Orleans Hurricane Insurance


If you live in New Orleans, you’re no stranger to hurricanes and the type of damage they can cause. Even though Hurricane Katrina struck land in 2005, the failure of the levees, hundreds of deaths, and a $100 billion price tag serve as a chilling reminder: mother nature can cause serious damage. Even last year, Hurricane Nate caused thousands of dollars of damage to automobiles and buildings.

Few things are worse than having an insurance claim denied. There can be many reasons for having a hurricane claim denied and it can be especially devastating to you and your family after a storm. Knowing what your insurance covers is half the battle. If your claim is denied, having an experienced attorney is the other half of the battle. If your insurance company tries to deny a claim after a storm, contact the King Firm and we’ll do the rest. We have extensive experience when it comes to Hurricane litigation in Louisiana. We have even worked with clients from Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands.

New Orleans Hurricane Damage

If a hurricane hits, safety should always be the number one priority. Most of us know what to do if a hurricane strikes New Orleans. However, what should you do after a hurricane passes to maximize your chances of getting the claim you deserve?

      1. Take Pictures

Make an extensive record of the damage that was caused by the hurricane. Take as many photos of the damage as possible and keep an itemized list of any possessions that were damaged.

      2. Make Emergency Repairs

If you’ve been through a New Orleans hurricane or two, you’re no stranger to emergency repairs. Do what you need to do to prevent further damage to your household. This means tarps over the roof, tape on the windows and other temporary solutions. Wait for the insurance adjuster to arrive before you start making serious repairs. Don’t clean up or throw away things that were extensively damaged. Let the insurance adjuster assess the damage as accurately and thoroughly as possible.

      3. Make an Inventory

Before a storm, make a detailed list of possessions and pre-existing damage to the household. It should include photos, descriptions and receipts. Having a detailed inventory will make the claims process much easier; having an inventory can also lower the chance of your claim being denied.

     4. Find Temporary Housing

If the damage to your home has made it uninhabitable, you’ll need to find a place to stay while repairs are underway. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies include loss of use coverage which can help pay for lodging, as long as the damage is tied to a covered claim. Check with your agent to make sure you have this coverage and to find out its value and how long it will last after a storm.

     5. File a Hurricane Damage Claim Right Away

The sooner that you file a claim, the better. Insurance companies are inundated with claims immediately after a storm and it is in your best interest to be first in line. They deal on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don’t waste any time!

     6. Have Your Insurance Policy Ready 

Knowing what your insurance policy covers in the event of hurricane damage and having a hard copy ready to call in a claim will speed up the process of filing.

What if My Hurricane Insurance Claim is Denied?

If a hurricane hits your home in New Orleans and your claim is denied, call the King Firm. When storms hit Louisiana, far too many insurers try to find loopholes, hidden clauses and shaky reasons to deny your claim. Many insurers even claim that some of the damage was pre-existing. If your home has been damaged, or you’ve sustained an injury during a hurricane and your claim has been denied, that doesn’t mean the battle is over.

Contact the King Firm. With decades of experience in Hurricane litigation in Louisiana, we have helped thousands of people secure claims that were wrongfully denied. One of our experienced personal injury attorneys can take up your case; we work with the insurance adjusters and will go to court on your behalf if they refuse to cooperate. Don’t let an insurance company deny your right to proper coverage. Contact the King Firm today to find out how we can help you recover from hurricane-related loss.


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