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Understanding Tort Law

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Understanding Tort Law

Caution in Tort Law

Here at the King Firm, we know that justice often means assistance for the unexpected. Some accidents just can’t be anticipated, such as a criminal breaking into your workplace. However, are situations like that really accidents? If you had a form of security, did it do everything it should have to prevent the break in? Was there a guard that should have been active? Sometimes things can’t be fixed or anticipated, but that doesn’t mean that consequences are null and void. Here is a description of the nature of Tort Law and how we handle it at the King Firm.

What is a Tort Law?

A Tort is an unethical civil action committed by a person or persons that unjustly causes someone else’ harm or infringement of their rights. This more or less refers to when someone is held responsible for a consequence, rather than intending committing a wrong action against someone (which would therefore be criminal negligence). Tort negligence can be charged as a crime if the negligence is serious enough (such as someone selling a weapon to an underage child). However, not all Torts are unintentional. Some indirect situations can be intended, and therefore the offender is more liable to criminal charges. These can include intentionally refraining from paying for security in order to save money for oneself.

What kinds of Torts do we focus on?

Our main goal is to represent those who were victims of Torts that caused injury or death. We represent those injured or the families of those who were injured/killed in a wrongful situation. These include factory accidents, surgical errors, or any other situation that could and should have been prevented. These injuries do not have to be physical. They can be related to emotional, psychological, financial, or reputational injuries. We are here to serve your rights to health, fairness, privacy, and other living situations. We also represent worker’s compensation that should have been provided but wrongfully was not. The people who hurt you are the ones you trusted, and so we are here to show you trust as we seek justice and compensation for your life.

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