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Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

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Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse is a form of patient abuse. Abuse is the intended infliction of harm onto another person, whether it is through physical, psychological or emotional means. Nursing home abuse is an unfortunate reality that absolutely needs the proper legal care in order to seek assistance, safety and justice for your elderly loved ones.

How are the patients abused?

Most of the time the elderly patients can be abused through faulty management or even hurtful staff members. Both cases can result from either intended harm or wrongful neglect by the staff or company. The faulty management can be through means such as improper medication or unhealthy living styles for the patients. For example, a nursing home without an elevator is unacceptable for those who cannot walk up the stairs or are in constant need of a wheelchair. Another example could be unprepared staff members who are unaware or physically incapable of the tasks at hand. These are examples of wrongful neglect. Another form of abuse can come from intended harm, which is far more serious. It is one thing to accidentally allow an injury situation; it is a whole other thing to intentionally bully or attack a patient. One example of this was the case of Helen Love, who was attacked by a certified nurse’s assistant. As Love described, the assistant attacked Love as a response to her soiling herself, which of course she could not control.

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How can I tell if my loved one is being abused?

There are multiple ways to spot Nursing Home Abuse. Although it is good start with hearing the account of your loved one, their word can occasionally be hindered by natural bodily problems (memory loss, confusion, etc.) So aside form what your loved one might say, there are a few other means to spot nursing home abuse. For instance, do they have any physical injuries or signs of hurt or neglect? If the nursing home is not currently treating these pains properly, then that is a very large sign of management abuse and neglect. Another way to tell is if they are not at their sufficient weight or physical care. Do they have enough products in their home to be properly taken care of? One of the best things you can do is to question everyone at the home that is related to the situation, and cross-reference their information. However, you will not necessarily have to do that on your own since the King Firm excels at finding and assessing these problems in order to provide fairness and proper care for your loved ones.

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