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The Difference between Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation

Person in Wheelchair.

Many people are quick to realize that they need certain compensation for their injury when they are on the job. However, personal injury and worker’s compensation are not always one and the same. Obviously, they both involve your injury and the desire for compensation for said injury. But sometimes you can be injured on the site of your work, and it would not necessarily be considered worker’s compensation. Before you go in for a case with our lawyers , here are just a few bits of information that show how the two types of cases both differ from each other. Personal Injury First...

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The Special Nuances of Worker’s Compensation

Construction workers on a site. Representing Worker’s Compensation

Many companies or financial parties go into personal injury cases believing that all the injured party wants is just money for their recovery. But compensation is far more than just paying for hospital bills. It goes into how one moves on from the personal injury to regain their life. Here are a few details about Worker's Compensation that will hopefully bring to light what several of our clients need. Medical Treatment Medical Treatment is probably the most obvious of needs for each personal injury. For the King Firm, money for the worker’s medical care is a high priority. Some insurance companies give the...

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How we Fight for Worker’s Compensation

Doctor discussing worker's compensation

Unfortunately due to company accidents and neglect, worker’s compensation is a heavy necessity in this country. Plenty of accidents happen at work everyday, and several companies don’t want to pay up and help their employees, even when it is their responsibility to do so. So that is where we come in. Worker’s Compensation is when a company provides insurance (or the funds to pay for insurance) for an employee who is injured on the job. How we approach Compensation The King Firm is always focused on our client’s needs for service and safety. Not only do we ensure financial and medical compensation for our...

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