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Mistakes To Avoid When Demanding a Car Accident Settlement

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Mistakes To Avoid When Demanding a Car Accident Settlement

Car Accident Settlement

The personal injury lawyers at The King Firm have a lot of experience with car accident settlements. So it goes without saying that we know a few mistakes which injured parties make. In this blog, we reveal them to you, so you can avoid them. Avoiding them will have a positive effect on the overall settlement you may get. Here, we list typical mistakes people make that you should definitely avoid.

Minimizing concerns with the doctor

Insurance companies have an insight into the doctor notes. If you say everything is fine, it means that the injury isn’t serious as you claim! That’s why you should always point out all of the concerns that are relevant. Doctors are obligated to write down the notes you say to them, which will be directed to the insurance company.

Not following the orders

If you don’t follow the doctor’s orders, it means that you are not as injured as you specify, which lessens the amount they are willing to give you for your settlement. This means that you will have to follow all the orders your doctor gives you. This is essential because it says to the insurance company you were actually injured. Regardless of how small the orders are, always follow them.

Skipping the doctor appointments

Did you know that doctors will record the appointments you missed? Meaning, they will be available to the insurance company. When they see that you avoid them, you will be in serious trouble. The King Firm will advise you not to skip a single one. Additionally, this issue can affect your personality report and make you less valuable to the insurance company. Even if you don’t feel you need the medical assistance, do not skip an appointment.

Exaggerating too much

Did you know that some injured parties exaggerate so much that their settlements are completely rejected? Let’s face it. Courts and insurance companies are professionals with this matter, therefore they know what is actually possible. If you exaggerate, they will paint you as a liar and have no desire to help you achieve a settlement.

Not taking pictures

A single picture will have a huge effect on your settlement. That’s why you should take as many of them as possible. Always make a photo or two of a damaged car, the interior, your injuries, your broken items and more. Essentially, you should photograph everything that suggests you were involved in an accident. The photos should be shared with the insurance company. Here, you will have to be careful and not photograph something that can compromise your settlement.


Now you know the most common mistakes that must be avoided at all costs. With the help of this knowledge and the personal injury lawyers, a settlement is more than just possible. Even more important, the one you will get will be much higher than average.

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