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Maritime Workers and the Game of Claims

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Maritime Workers and the Game of Claims

Ocean vessel. Represents Maritime Offshore Accidents

Should someone be punished for merely doing a good job? No, of course not. However, that is how it seems to be for many maritime workers who are injured on the job and cannot receive fair compensation. When insurance companies play the game of claims with offshore accidents, you can be sure that the King Firm will be there to defend the workers.

Abuse of Workers’ Rights

Often times, hard-working maritime workers are injured while performing their service, and because of circumstances concerning their injury, they are unable to get fair compensation. This is more than an abuse of legal circumstances; it is an abuse of someone’s rights.

Uniqueness of Offshore Accidents

Now this kind of situation might seem clear: You were hurt on the job and somebody won’t give you fair compensation. However, things can be a bit more complicated than that. The Maritime industry is unique for being a naturally dangerous area of work. Freak accidents in relatively safe environments are more surprising than offshore accidents. But that doesn’t mean that you should be ignored for your duty. If anything you should be compensated for your brave service. And yet, some insurance companies like to play what we call “the Game of Claims.” This is where an insurance company withholds proper compensation from someone by pulling several technicalities. However, these technicalities do not hold up under scrutiny.

Struggle of Recovery

When someone is injured, they not only have trouble returning to their job, they might be turned away from other jobs due to their injury. Did they do anything wrong? No. What are they supposed to do without their craft? It is not their fault that a freak accident halted ability to work, even for a limited period of time. The companies are either financially unable to sustain them for their missing time or are not willing to due to the inconvenience. Whether it is the insurance or the maritime company’s fault, the King Firm’s not afraid to seek fair compensation.

Seeking Fairness for those Injured

The only way to beat these companies at the game of claims is with fair Law. When you Ring the King, our firm will expose the flaws in the insurance companies’ reasons for not giving you your proper compensation. From there, you will be set free from their game of claims, and receive the proper reward for your dutiful service.

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