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How we Fight for Worker’s Compensation

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How we Fight for Worker’s Compensation

Doctor discussing worker's compensation

Unfortunately due to company accidents and neglect, worker’s compensation is a heavy necessity in this country. Plenty of accidents happen at work everyday, and several companies don’t want to pay up and help their employees, even when it is their responsibility to do so. So that is where we come in. Worker’s Compensation is when a company provides insurance (or the funds to pay for insurance) for an employee who is injured on the job.

How we approach Compensation

The King Firm is always focused on our client’s needs for service and safety. Not only do we ensure financial and medical compensation for our client, but we also ensure that justice is carried out for the company to make sure that this type of situation can never happen again. Justice for our clients are not just about their past situation, but also about ensuring both themselves and their peers’ protection in the future.

Determining the best course of action

If all goes well, at some point the perpetrating company that you worked for will offer you a deal of compensation in order to make up for the work-related injury. However, this does not always mean that the insurance is reasonable. What if a loved one died because of this accident? What if there is far more justice to be done than just money? What if it is an unreasonable amount of money? We at the King Firm will care and fight for you and your rights to make sure that your worker’s compensation is reasonably ideal for your situation. It is generally the goal to reach some form of agreement between the employee and the company before taking the situation to court. We will argue for the employee to receive proper benefits for their health and recovery, in exchange for not suing the company for tort negligence. However, if an agreement cannot be made with the company, we can easily take the situation to court. No threat or form of negligence can ever keep our client from proper compensation.

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