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The advantage to having a law firm with multiple areas of practice

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The advantage to having a law firm with multiple areas of practice

advantage to having a law firm

When you need legal assistance, it is normally a good idea to find a lawyer in the area that relates to your current predicament. For instance, let’s say that you were injured because of a workplace incident. This means that you should pursue personal injury lawyers who specialize in worker’s compensation. However, a good sign that you have a strong law firm is if they are specialized in more than one area of practice. They could be specialized in a certain type of practice (personal injury law), but that practice can branch out into various types of law (i.e. Worker’s Compensation, Mass Tort, and Maritime Offshore injury). These areas of practice grant our lawyers in New Orleans a level of advantage that singular law firms cannot give.

Varied Capability

At the King Firm, we are fully aware that each practice area must be met with equal focus and expertise. Whether you are involved in a Mass Tort or your own personal injury, we bring the right type of case to the table. Our personal injury lawyers in New Orleans have experience working with police brutality, offshore accidents, vehicle accidents, and other cases.

Range of Experience

When you partner with us, you will see the effect that multiple areas of practice have on our work. With varying kinds of work comes a broader range of experience. Our team has learned how several kinds of insurance companies operate. This has allowed our personal injury lawyers to grow in wisdom and expertise when handling new cases.

Personal Touch

With every new case, we have learned to grow more involved with every client’s situation. It is one thing to collect facts and plead a cause in the courtroom. It is a whole other thing to know your client and their full concerns. We are not just concerned about fixing number problems on paper. We are passionate about making sure that you receive everything you need to get your life back together. And with all of the areas of practice available, our New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Lawyers know exactly how to approach your case with confidence, wisdom, and care.

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